About Craddock Brewery

Before there was the brewery, there were pubs. The Plough and Harrow was the first, 2006. Then the Duke William 2009. These two beautiful and popular pubs are a short distance apart and are the reason that Craddock’s Brewery is rooted in Stourbridge.

The brewery was installed at the Duke William in March 2011. The next two years the focus of the company was on perfecting the beers and remaining traditional and true to the local heritage of small, family-run pub and brewery companies. This was when Dottie the Dray horse would work every Sunday delivering the beer to the Plough and Harrow.

Off the back of the success of these three ventures and keen to share the beer with a wider audience, in 2013 The King Charles II House in Worcester city centre was acquired. Too far for Dottie to travel the company also had to buy a van.

The King Charles also aloud Craddock’s Brewery to branch out from its simple ‘cobs & porkpie’ food offering into Pie Mash & Peas.

After two years of travelling between Stourbridge and Worcester, it was decided that a pit stop was needed. So in January 2016, The Talbot in Droitwich was added to the family.